No carbs after 4pm?

No carbs after 4 pm?

Your body is using fuel 24/7 so what time you eat has no bearing on weightloss or gain, it does affect your blood sugars and is more of a concern for diabetics , which is a different subject.

The calories you eat and the amount that you burn are what affects weightloss.

Restricting carbs after 4 is just another way of reducing total calorie intake.

Eating high glycaemic foods prior to exercise can give you a boost if you are lacking in energy and timings can be crucial in athletes and those taking part in endurance sports.

But for the most, time is not a weightloss factor, calorie amount is


2 thoughts on “No carbs after 4pm?

  1. Hmmm have to personally dissagree. I am a personal trainer and I have studied what glucose does to the body and not only does an over abundance tax the body but also causes major inflimation. It is not something just for diabetics to concern themselves with. Not eating carbs via carb cycling, restriction, zig zagging are all methods that fitness professionals, atheletes and pro lifters all do to “cut” weight. when you restrict carbs your body turnns to fat stores to be used as energy rather than redily availiable sugars. Have you personally tried this? I doubt it. I have had success with my clients and self and the result is leaning out faster. It is about what you eat not just how many calories. If you ate 1200 caories worth in candy, pasta and ice cream you would sabotage any sort of weight loss.

    • Hi Marci

      Thankyou kindly for your comment,

      Carb cycling and Zig zagging are useful and can help people when they are at a plateau agreed, this is to do with leptin levels which are also affected by many other elements such as stress and sleep, however this is not a normal everyday method of eating, – Weightloss happens when you create a calorific deficit and with a balanced diet – and never advocating eating candy as diet method!
      But more to the point exercise should be a large part of the deficit and I strongly believe that. I eat to maintain my weight and understand that exercise will be the mainstay – I am crucially aware that to enjoy my exercise I need all the nutrients that work in harmony to ensure I have the energy to do so. If I were to start on removing elements of my diet on certain days or at certain times, I think I may go slightly bonkers. I understand if your joy of living is Bodybuilding or competeitive sports which require a fixed weight you may have to tweak what you do, but this article wasn’t about competitive bodybuilding. I personaly feel that for the masses this kind of dieting is more harmful in the psychological sense, adding guiult confusion and complexity to an already fast paced life, where the media does nothing to promote balance and achievement.

      I only advocate a healthy well balanced nutritious lifestyle always within the scope of my knowledge and expertise with the ACSM,

      I am not a body builder and I do not hope to convey a way to ‘lean up’ my message is to live a healthy balanced life full of achievement and sucess not dictated solely by body fat %, while some other fitness professionals may use these methods that is not my ethos and in accordance with my beliefs.

      We are all different and therefore the clients we attract are different too, I am glad of this and will help the clients who wish to be educated on balance and accomplishment.

      We can all Aim High in different ways :)

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